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Carry the WAPT app wherever you go and connect to local news. This app provides you with real-time access to breaking news and weather straight from the WAPT news team. Whether you're in Jackson or anywhere in Mississippi, you'll be connected to what's happening throughout the day at the office or whenever you're away from Channel 16 on TV. This is the official app for 16 WAPT News.

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Hurricane Tracker App

Monitor and track hurricanes and tropical storms with this all-inclusive free app from 16 WAPT News. Interactive maps, forecasts, local shelters, evacuation zones and emergency numbers are right at your fingertips.

- See if you’re in the storm’s path by viewing the latest cone of uncertainty and forecast path models.
- The easy-to-follow “threat meter” shows you when there’s reason for concern and when all is quiet.
- Get thorough checklists to prepare your family, home and pets.
- Receive up-to-the-minute information from the 16 WAPT newsroom and key government agencies.
- You’ll be prepared, up to date, and connected to what’s going on when Hurricanes and Tropical Storms strike before, during, and after the storm

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Hurricane Tracker Apple Google Play

Facebook & Twitter

You can find and connect with 16 WAPT News on your favorite social networks. Check out our accounts below and fan us, add us and follow us to get the latest news and weather, and to find the videos and links that all your friends will be talking about!

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NewsON App

NewsON provides a nationwide lineup of local news videos from us and from other trusted, credible TV stations. Get instant access to the local news that matters most and stay informed any time and anywhere. Watch live local news, weather and sports. Catch up on previous broadcasts. Enjoy video clips from your favorite station. No log in required.

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Amazon & FireTV App

Find us on the Amazon app store and on FireTV and stay up to date with Jackson news and weather. Download the app today and watch 16 WAPT News on demand in HD! See the latest breaking news alerts in real time and check out the latest weather videocast.

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Haystack TV

Haystack TV is an on-demand personalized video news hub that features news stories from us and other trusted sources across the country and around the world. Watch your local, national and international news. Download Haystack TV on your phone or smart TV (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Chromecast).

Visit the WAPT Haystack Channel

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Haystack TV Apple Google Play

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